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Buy To Let

Buy To Let

If you are looking to buy a property as an investment or refinance an existing asset, Tudor Mortgage & Finance can help. Whether you are a first-time investor or you have a portfolio of properties, Tudor Mortgage & Finance are buy to let experts and we'll find you the perfect deal.

As well as access to all the leading buy to let lenders in the country, we also have contacts at private banks, city based funds and private lenders, meaning we can access the right funding for you.

You'll benefit from bespoke advice, great rates and superb service. We'll help you work out what you can borrow against your property and we'll look after your application from start to finish.

We specialise in complex cases and if you're a limited company, buying an unusual property, have a complex income stream or simply need a creative lending solution, get in touch with us today.

How buy to let mortgages work

Unlike residential mortgages which are based on your income and outgoings, buy to let mortgages are based on the anticipated rental income of the property you are buying.

Typically, the amount of rental income you receive from the property must be around 125-140% more than your monthly 'interest only' mortgage payment. You can generally borrow up to around 75-80% of the value of the property and some lenders will have a minimum personal income requirement.

Many investors take their buy to let mortgage on an 'interest only' basis for tax reasons and as it helps them maximise their rental profits. Repayment loans are also available.

When you trust Tudor Mortgage & Finance for your buy to let mortgage you'll get:

Great deals:

  • We are independent and that means you benefit from access to all the specialist lenders in the UK. We can get you the very best buy to let rates from the country's leading lenders, whether you are buying or remortgaging.

Bespoke advice:

  • We have vast experience in sourcing buy to let loans for clients with complicated needs. If you're buying a non-standard property, have a complex income stream or need something out of the ordinary, our experienced team will help.

A great choice of lenders:

  • As well as all the leading buy to let mortgage providers, we have a network of contacts at private banks, city based funds and private lenders. Whatever your circumstances, we will use our industry knowhow to find the right finance for you.

Superb service:

  • We'll take time to explore all the options available to you in order that you get the perfect deal. We will look after your application from start to finish and once your loan has completed we'll stay in touch with you to ensure you continue to benefit from the most competitive deal.

Peace of mind:

  • You know you're dealing with a trusted and secure company with strong industry credentials.

Get expert Buy to Let mortgage advice today.

To find out more and to speak to a buy to let mortgage expert, call Tudor Mortgage & Finance on:

0333 772 0011 OR email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.